19.09.2023   The Tarantino Experience mit Hans-Jürgen Findeis.
Mr. Blonde is still on vacation☀️. So that he is fit for the next two shows😎;👏;💥;🥃;🥃; Sept. 29th @ bluegarage Sept. 30th @ Cabaret Fledermaus #mrblonde #bluegarage #cabaretfledermaus #vienna #bestrockshowever #liveshows #thetarantinoexperience

18.09.2023   The Tarantino Experience mit bluegarage.
Friday 29th Sept. 8pm Bluegarage Frauental! Woohoo!!! #thetarantinoexperience #tarantino #liveshow #rockshow #showband #bestrockshowever

13.09.2023   Back @ bluegarage! Join us😎;🔥;🥃; #thetarantinoexperience #tarantino #rockshow #bluegarage


  • 29.09.2023 Blue Garage, Frauental, 20:00
    30.09.2023 Cabaret Fledermaus, Wien, 22:00
    13.10.2023 Irish Pub/Jupp, Weiz, 21:00
  • 14.10.2023 Genussfest Open Air, Leibnitz, 17:00
    31.10.2023 Yellow, Amstetten, 20:00
    26.12.2023 Shamrock, Leibnitz, 21:00
  • 24.05.2024 Casanova Bar, Wien, 21:00
    30.11.2024 Cabaret Fledermaus, Wien, 22:00



Mr. Brown - Gernot Kratzer
+43 (0)650 89773570


teaser poster mr brown (c) Doris Schiffer

leadvoc, sax

teaser poster mr brown (c) Doris Schiffer

Keyboard; voc

teaser poster mr brown (c) Doris Schiffer

guit; bvoc

teaser poster mr brown (c) Doris Schiffer

drums; bvoc

teaser poster mr brown (c) Doris Schiffer

e-bass; bvoc

photos: (c) Doris Schiffer

The Tarantino Experience

The band was founded in 2008 and rocks the stages across Europe. The show has since been inspired by the great soundtracks of director Quentin Tarantino and his cult movies. That spirit can be felt in every second of their insane live performance. From Surfrock to Disco, from Pulp Fiction to Once Upon A Time in Hollywood - this show is a true experience, not only for Tarantino fans. "Gentlemen, you had my curiosity, now you have my attention."

All About Mr. Quentin Tarantino: